High Octane Classics Partners with Steve Mags | Classic Cars Auburn MA

High Octane Classics Partners with YouTuber and Automotive Journalist Steve Magnante

If you’re as passionate about classic cars as we are, you’ve probably heard of Steve Mags (Steve Magnante). His popular YouTube channel has videos about all things classic cars, junkyard finds, model cars, and so much more. High Octane Classics has partnered up with Steve to help him create the best videos possible, and to provide us (and you!) with amazing content and vehicles that we love.

Classic cars are our passion, and we want to help ensure that they’re here for us all to enjoy for generations to come. Since these iconic cars are no longer being made, however, there’s obviously a very limited supply. Steve Mags and his team scour junkyards and other places to discover amazing classic cars, car parts, and other exciting things that help to ensure we can all keep enjoying these beautiful works of automotive history.

Your Classic Car Source

If you’re interested in classic cars for sale in Auburn, MA or you’re searching for a classic car repair shop near you, High Octane Classics is your destination. Our team will be more than happy to help you find or fix the perfect classic vehicle for you. Of course, if you just want to browse through some of the top High Octane Classics in the country, you can always stop by our lot and check out our incredible selection. We look forward to serving you soon.