Car Restoration Service

Ken Hiscoe

July 18 2021

These guys are the best! Take it from me, when it comes to purchasing a classic car you need people you can trust and are patient. I’m a novice when it comes to classic cars, Danny and Nick took the time to educate me and they were extremely patient. You can tell they LOVE what they do. They aren’t in this business to just “move cars” they wanted me to get the car of my dreams and I did. I cannot thank them enough. I’ll be a loyal customer for as long as I own my “new” car or any future ones. Whether you're new to classic cars or a veteran, High Octane is the real deal. Ken Hiscoe Franklin, MA

Edward Tupper

My son and I stopped by to check out some of the cars out front and the owner came out and introduced himself and surprised my son with quite a tour of the facilities! What a down to earth , friendly gentleman willing to share his knowledge of Old School , Good Old American Muscle with the young and upcoming generation. Thank you for taking the time with us ! Can’t wait to stop by again.


Matthew Hamel

Great place, great people, great environment. I go here with my mom and step dad on the high octane cruises. And they have a lot of nice muscle cars.

Michael Hutchins

I’ve stopped in a couple times to look at cars and the second time that I stopped the owner came up to me himself shook my hand and introduced himself. He personally give me a tour of this whole facility and all his cars. We ended up talking about life and family and had a great conversation. I truly enjoyed speaking with him. He has an amazing collection of rare cars and loves what he does. Btw I’ll be back to let you drive the Trackhawk! 

New England Car Spotting

What a great inventory!!! The owners treated us like absolute royalty. I can not wait to go back and look at their amazing vehicles. What a pleasure!

Mark Wilson

Helpful, friendly and profession staff. Dan and the Technicians treat your “ride” like it was their own. Thanks to Mike and Jeff. Appreciate your hard work.


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